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3 Things To Consider When Renting A Limo For Your Ski Trip

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If you love to ski, there are few things more exciting than making a trip to your favorite destination ski resort. Flying into the airport leaves you with the need for transportation to the resort, and renting a limo can be an exciting and memorable transportation option. Here are three things that you should keep in mind as you book a limo service for your next ski trip. 1. Make sure the limo has enough cargo space. When you travel to a ski resort, you often have more luggage than you would if you were traveling to another destination. Skis, boots, and other winter clothing can be quite bulky, so you need to ensure that the limo you rent has enough cargo space to safely store your luggage. If there will be multiple passengers, you should let the limo company know how many friends you will be bringing along. A limo with a ski rack can be dispatched to ensure your skis can be safely stowed (along with your other luggage) for the duration of your drive from the airport to the ski resort. 2. Make sure the limo can navigate winter roads. The most exciting ski resorts are located in areas that get a lot of snow. While fresh powder might be great for skiing, it can make navigating the roadways a challenge. To ensure that you are able to safely travel between the airport and your destination ski resort, you should rent a limo with four-wheel drive. This feature makes it possible for the limo to navigate icy and snow-packed winter roads, preventing you from getting stranded on the way to your ski resort. 3. Make sure the resort can accommodate your limo. It can be helpful to contact the ski resort in advance to let them know you will be arriving by limo. Getting a stretch limousine turned around in a small space can be challenging, so you will want to be sure that there is ample room at the ski resort for your driver to navigate the entrance and exit. Letting the ski resort know when you will be arriving gives them time to create space for your limo near the entrance to the lodge. Renting a limo allows you to travel from the airport to your destination ski resort in style. Be sure that you are renting a limo with ample cargo space and four-wheel drive and that the ski resort can accommodate a limo to make your travel plans go smoothly during your next ski...

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Strategies For Ensuring A Quiet Room During Your Upcoming Hotel Visit

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Whether you’re travelling on business and need to be rested for an important series of meetings or you’re away on vacation and want to feel as lively as possible, getting a good night’s sleep at your hotel is important. If you’re feeling anxious about the noises you might hear from your hotel bed, take ownership over the situation by doing everything you can to ensure that you’re placed in a quiet room. While you can’t control the behaviour of other guests, the following strategies can increase the likelihood of your room being as quiet as possible. Check The Hotel’s Location Online Before you book your room, browse to an online map service, punch in the hotel’s street address and then zoom in on the property. Doing so will give you a clear idea of the hotel’s location in relation to nearby streets that may be noisy due to traffic. If the hotel is adjacent to a highway, for example, you’ll have a clear idea. Then, when you book your stay, request to be placed in a room on the side of the hotel opposite from the highway or road. Upgrade To An Executive Floor Consider booking at a hotel that has an executive floor or even multiple such floors. Located on the upper level(s) of the building, these floors often enforce strict low-volume policies in the evening and overnight because their guests are business people who need to have quiet. You aren’t apt to find young children staying on these floors, which means that yelling or crying in the hallways won’t be a factor. Although you might need to pay a little extra for such accommodations, it can be worthwhile to guarantee a quiet night’s sleep. Stay Away From The Elevators Hotel elevators aren’t necessarily loud, but if you’re accustomed to sleeping in silent environment, the occasional humming of the elevators might disrupt you. When you call to book your room, ask for a room location as far away from the elevators as possible. In many cases, you’ll be put in a room at the end of the hallway, which also means there will be fewer hotel guests passing by your door. Ask About Groups Staying At The Hotel Another effective strategy when you book your room is to call the front desk and ask if there are any groups staying at the hotel that might be noisy. For example, if there’s a youth hockey tournament in town and several teams of kids are at the hotel, you can probably count on a bit of noise. Finding out that the hotel doesn’t have any groups, however, will increase the likelihood of quiet during your stay. For more information, talk to a professional like Capri Motor Inn Smithers Hotel.  ...

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Tips For Getting The Most From Charter Bus Rental Services

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If you are having to arrange for transportation for a large group on a long trip, it is important for you to be aware of some of the benefits of opting for a bus rental service. These services can be extremely useful in providing you with reliable and comfortable transportation. However, these services can be somewhat expensive, which makes it essential for you to get the most out of these services. Fortunately, you can use the following bus rental tips to ensure that your group’s experience is as enjoyable as possible. Opt For A Bus With An Entertainment System There is a common assumption that every charter bus will have some form of entertainment system on board. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are many bus rental services that can charge extra for these amenities. Sadly, there are some individuals that will avoid the additional fee for these services in an attempt to save money, but it should be noted that this may lead to some complications. There are many people that can suffer from severe motion sickness or claustrophobia. By having a source of entertainment for these individuals, it is possible for you to help ensure that their experience on the trip is as enjoyable as possible. Plan Food Stops Around Driver Changes Depending on the length of your trip, it may be necessary for you to swap drivers. This stems from laws limiting the maximum number of hours that a driver can consecutively operate a vehicle. While you may be concerned about keeping on schedule with these stops, it should be noted that most bus rental providers can inform you of where the stops for driver changes will need to be made. To help ensure your trip is as efficient as possible, you should consult with a map to attempt to match the driver changes to eating stops. While these exchanges are unavoidable, they can take a little time because they new driver will need to inspect the bus, but scheduling to eat during the driver change can help you to limit any disruptions from this task. A charter bus rental service (like Denny Bus Lines Ltd) can be the best option for ensuring that you and your group are able to comfortably, safely and efficiently reach your destination. However, ensuring that you are getting the most from these services and that your guests are as comfortable as possible can be somewhat daunting due to the many logistical factors to consider. Making it a point to ensure the bus as entertainment and planning meal stops around driver changes can help you to ensure your experience with a charter bus is as enjoyable and productive as...

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Planning A Vacation? Tips For Making Better Meals In Your Hotel Room

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When you’re planning a long vacation, one of the things that can quickly drain your travel budget is the dining-out costs. In addition, it leaves you facing many days of restaurant meals, take-out and possibly less-than-healthy choices. The good news is that even an extended trip doesn’t have to leave you with such limited meal options. here are a few things to consider packing so you can reclaim your menu right from your hotel room. Toaster Oven A toaster oven is compact enough to be easy to transport, and it fits well on a countertop in a hotel room. While some people think of toaster ovens as just for toasting, you’d be amazed what you can bake in one. Most toaster ovens now feature a temperature control much like a traditional oven, allowing you to use it as you would the oven in your house, just on a smaller scale. Whether you’re looking for a homemade option to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth or you want to bake some chicken or fish for dinner, a toaster oven is a great tool for either option. The best part is that since they do toast as well, you can even have a whole-grain bagel with your morning coffee instead of visiting the pastry bar. Slow Cooker If your vacation is going to be a sightseeing trip or will have you spending long days out and about, a slow cooker is a must-bring for homemade meals. You can start cooking dinner in the morning before you head out and come back to a ready-made meal without having to call for delivery or opt for processed, microwaveable foods. In fact, for a quick and easy dinner, you can buy a package of fresh chicken breast and cook it in some broth with a bit of garlic. Then, add some frozen veggies for the last 15 or 20 minutes after you get home, break up the meat and you’ve got a fabulous chicken soup. Toast some thick-sliced bread in your toaster oven, and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic, hearty meal. In addition to these two convenient and portable appliances, you should also consider optimizing your use of the in-room microwave. Steam-in-the-bag vegetables and potato sides are great additions to any meat course you can cook in either the slow cooker or the toaster oven, and they’re easy to store in the small freezer compartment of the in-room fridge. With these choices, eating on the road will be easier than ever. Contact a hotel, such as the Clearwater Lodge, for more information about in-room dining options....

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Why It Might Be Cheaper To Hop Onto A Chartered Flight

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If you have ever been on social media and wondered just how those people who were on chartered flights with luxury planes live that kind of lifestyle? The truth is, many chartered flights are done by families or by individuals who just need to go to the same place at the same time. If you are interested in living in the lap of luxury just one time, a chartered flight might be easier for you to take than you think. Here are some reasons why you may actually save a little money by hopping on a charter plane. They may be interested in filling one last seat Often, friends and families or even just acquaintances get together to pitch in the money for a charter flight. For instance, if the entire group is interested in heading to Ibiza for the summer, a group of individuals may look for a charter plane in order to save money but expand comfort with bigger seats and less people. If you are interested in going to a specific location during a certain time, look around for those who may have similar vacation plans and often take charter planes. They may be able to offer you a spot for cheap, just to fill one last available seat. Many fly first class rather than charter Flying a charter flight is often a luxurious experience, but it can also be different than international first class. Many airlines have stepped up their business class and first class services, offering on-board meals on demand by an acclaimed chef, lie-flat seats that turn into twin beds, and even showers on the plane. While charter flights may look perfect, they often lack these same amenities. For this reason, you should search for charter flights leaving to your destination. You may just find a better bargain than you thought. Charter flights leave more often than you think A charter flight does not just leave when a celebrity or important business person is in town. There are charter flights that leave from airports every day, going long distances or just flying to the other part of the state. Look for charter flights leaving in your town well in advance of your trip. You may find some that are selling seats that you can reserve quickly. Search especially during busy times for airlines such as near holidays and during the summer months to find tons of options for your first luxury flight.  For charter flights, contact a business such as Genesis Aviation...

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What Are Your Best Housing Options When Relocating For Temporary Employment?

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Whether you’ve been assigned to a lengthy work-related training in another part of the state (or country) or have accepted a position too far away from home for a daily commute, you may be investigating your short-term housing options. While many urban areas have a plethora of available choices — from boarding houses to weekly or monthly motel rentals or even secure hostels — finding adequate and inexpensive housing in more rural areas can be a challenge. Read on to learn more about your short-term housing options, as well as the factors you’ll want to consider before committing to temporary housing.  What short-term housing options may be available to you? When beginning your housing search, you’ll want to start with extended-stay motels or hotels. These tend to cater to business travelers and may offer some amenities you won’t be able to find in other locations (like daily breakfast, an on-site gym, or even a miniature “library” with reference books and computer access). These motels usually offer a discounted weekly or monthly rate and are often the most flexible of your housing choices if you’re not sure how long you’ll be in need of temporary housing. Another potential option may be a “housing share” or in-home rental. Many homeowners choose to rent out parts of their home for extra income — and because these rental arrangements are designed for vacationers or other temporary visitors, rather than long-term tenants, they can be ideal for those who are stationed in another city for work purposes. You’ll usually be required to pay a small up-front security deposit (which is usually returned to you after your rental term ends) and will then be charged a daily or weekly rental rate. In areas with a large supply of rental stock and too-few renters, renting your own house or apartment on a month-to-month basis may also be an option. You may pay slightly more than the market rate for this shorter rental period, but you will have the flexibility to leave (without paying lease-break penalties) on the first of each month.  What factors should you consider when choosing one of these options?  Choosing the right housing option for you largely depends on the time frame and circumstances of your temporary move. If you have a specific end date in mind and are looking for a brief rental (a term of days or weeks, not months), a motel or housing share may provide you with the low cost and flexibility you need. If you’re looking at a longer haul, you might save money using a month-to-month housing rental.  You’ll also want to take confidentiality concerns into account. If you work with highly-sensitive material, you’ll want to rent a motel with a room safe so that you can keep this information secure while you’re not around. And if you often take confidential phone calls after hours, a housing share or other arrangement that doesn’t provide you with much privacy or personal space may not be the best idea.  For more information, consider contacting companies like Langley Westward Inn &...

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Easy-Peasy Ways To Cut The Costs Of Your Overnight Accommodations On A Last-Minute Trip

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A few extra days off of work, a little extra money in your pocket, and a need to get out of town for a while–sounds like the perfect recipe for a quick weekend trip just to get a break from the ordinary. Last-minute trips can sometimes turn out to be the most memorable trips that you take, but they can also sometimes end up costing you way more than what you intended, especially where unplanned accommodations are concerned. Since you are heading out on a whim, you may not have time for the conventional savings ideas for your accommodations while away, but there are still ways that you can save a little money if you play it smart.  1. Go ahead and make online or phone reservations if you can.  Vacations that are planned usually give you the convenience to make hotel reservations well in advance, which usually gives you a chance to save a lot. However, on a last-minute trip, you may be in the car and ready to go before you even have time to think about logging on the computer to make reservations. Even though you are already on your way to a place, you could still save a little by going ahead and making reservations for your room while you are on the way. Get on your phone and make some phone calls or log on to your smart phone and make reservations that way if you can.  2. Check in with hotels and motels later in the evening and ask about unfilled-room discount.  Some hotels and motels go the extra mile to fill every room before bedtime because otherwise, those rooms just sit empty and don’t make them any money. Therefore, if you find yourself arriving at a destination later in the evening, call up the hotels and motels in the area and ask about unfilled-room discounts. Because you will not be in the room very long and the establishment truly wants no vacancies, they may give you a good deal.  3. Consider grabbing a room at a motel instead of a hotel.  In general, hotels are built and designed boasting attractive locations and amenities that are better catered to people looking for a longer-term stay. On the other hand, motels are centered around just providing motorists with a place to sleep for a day or two while they are in the area. Most motels actually don’t always have all of the luxury extras that can drive up room rates, like free breakfast or an indoor pool. Therefore, you should definitely check on getting a motel first if you want to save little money.  Contact motels like Deluxe Inn to check for room...

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The Right Way To Approach Getting A Free Hotel Room Upgrade

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If you’ve heard about people who travel and are able to get moved from their standard hotel room to a suite with no extra cost, you’re probably intrigued about how to accomplish this goal yourself. The truth is that while anyone can ask for a complimentary room upgrade, you’ll greatly improve your chance of enjoying this travel-related perk by adhering to a short list of specific rules. Here’s the right way to approach this subject with the hotel desk clerk. Join The Hotel’s Rewards Club Your mission to get a free room upgrade should begin before you visit the hotel. Go online and sign up for the hotel’s rewards club. You’ll eventually get a club membership card in the mail, but even if you don’t have the card by the time you visit the hotel, you can just carry your membership number as proof of your enrollment. Joining this club gives you access to a long list of benefits, which can include complimentary Wi-Fi, late checkouts, free breakfast and more. It also shows the hotel clerk that you’re a loyal customer — although the more you stay at the hotel chain as a club member, the better it helps your chances, because the clerk will be able to see your accommodation history. Check In At The Right Time If you’re the type of eager person who enjoys checking in as soon as guest rooms are available — typically 3 p.m. — you’re likely going to have trouble getting your upgrade. This is because the hotel clerk won’t have a full picture of how many rooms will be occupied for the night at this early hour. If you switch your check-in time to the evening, the clerk will have a better idea of the number of rooms that will remain free, given that only so many travellers arrive unannounced at their hotels in the evening. Bring Up The Subject In The Right Way Wait to approach the front desk until the lobby is fairly quiet. If your request attracts attention, other hotel guests might ask the same question and overwhelm the clerk with requests. As you provide your name and show your rewards club, ask if it might be possible to be moved to a better room. You don’t need to say “for free;” this part of your question is understood. It’s important to keep your voice down to help ensure your question is discreet. The hotel clerk will give you a straightforward answer; either your request is possible or it isn’t. Either way, be courteous with the staff...

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Hosting A Vehicle Party With Style

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If you have a child who loves cars and trucks, and you are making preparations for their birthday party, you may want to incorporate some fun vehicle-inspired events into the party schedule. Instead of having a cars and trucks party where the theme is only incorporated into the place settings and wall decor, bring them to life by considering one of the following options.     Take A Ride Around Town Hire a few taxis (discover more about them here) to take the children on a fun excursion around town. The cab driver can teach the children the proper way to pick up pedestrians and what types of traffic hazards are prominent though out town. Children might love counting, so ask them to see how much cab fare is charged as they weave throughout the streets. As they are in the vehicle, do a scavenger hunt where the cab driver will drive past certain landmarks that they children need to check off of their list as they see it.  Get A Mystery Ride Tell the children they are going to be picked up from their home with their parents to go to the party location. Do not tell them where the party is located to keep the entire event mysterious until they arrive at the destination. Hire limos or cabs to pick up each party guest. The children and their parents will be intrigued as they are whisked away from their home to the party destination. Enjoy Some Fast Track Fun Have the party at a go-cart racing track to delight your child and their party guests. Many go-cart tracks will allow you to rent the use of their facility for an hour or two without outside guests using the track at the same time. Have one of the workers explain the rules of the track to the children before they get inside their cars to race. Give out prizes to the top three children that go around the track the most number of times. Climb Aboard For Fun Call your local volunteer fire department to see if they would be willing to allow the children to ride on the back of a fire engine in exchange for a monetary donation. The children will enjoy looking down at the town as they ride along the main streets. Another option is to have a hay ride available for the children to enjoy during the party. Have someone with a pickup truck with a trailer hitch hook up a cart to the back. Fill it with hay bales and have the children get into the back for a fun...

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