Strategies For Ensuring A Quiet Room During Your Upcoming Hotel Visit

Whether you're travelling on business and need to be rested for an important series of meetings or you're away on vacation and want to feel as lively as possible, getting a good night's sleep at your hotel is important. If you're feeling anxious about the noises you might hear from your hotel bed, take ownership over the situation by doing everything you can to ensure that you're placed in a quiet room. While you can't control the behaviour of other guests, the following strategies can increase the likelihood of your room being as quiet as possible.

Check The Hotel's Location Online

Before you book your room, browse to an online map service, punch in the hotel's street address and then zoom in on the property. Doing so will give you a clear idea of the hotel's location in relation to nearby streets that may be noisy due to traffic. If the hotel is adjacent to a highway, for example, you'll have a clear idea. Then, when you book your stay, request to be placed in a room on the side of the hotel opposite from the highway or road.

Upgrade To An Executive Floor

Consider booking at a hotel that has an executive floor or even multiple such floors. Located on the upper level(s) of the building, these floors often enforce strict low-volume policies in the evening and overnight because their guests are business people who need to have quiet. You aren't apt to find young children staying on these floors, which means that yelling or crying in the hallways won't be a factor. Although you might need to pay a little extra for such accommodations, it can be worthwhile to guarantee a quiet night's sleep.

Stay Away From The Elevators

Hotel elevators aren't necessarily loud, but if you're accustomed to sleeping in silent environment, the occasional humming of the elevators might disrupt you. When you call to book your room, ask for a room location as far away from the elevators as possible. In many cases, you'll be put in a room at the end of the hallway, which also means there will be fewer hotel guests passing by your door.

Ask About Groups Staying At The Hotel

Another effective strategy when you book your room is to call the front desk and ask if there are any groups staying at the hotel that might be noisy. For example, if there's a youth hockey tournament in town and several teams of kids are at the hotel, you can probably count on a bit of noise. Finding out that the hotel doesn't have any groups, however, will increase the likelihood of quiet during your stay.

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