Vacationing With Extended Family? 4 Questions To Help You Create The Perfect Time Away Together

Planning a large family vacation is a great way for multiple generations to get to know each other and enjoy good times that will make happy memories. But before you run out and book that family vacation rental, here are four questions to answer first.

What are the Vacation Goals?

Your idea of the perfect vacation is unlikely to exactly match the rest of your family's ideas. So sit down as a group and decide what you each want to get out of your vacation. You will probably have many things in common, but look for the differences and talk about how you can accommodate those different desires. Some things to discuss include whether alcohol will be served, who likes to stay up late, and what attractions each one wants to see. 

Can You Accommodate all Ages?

Consider the ages, genders, and personality types of everyone coming along. Are there going to be things to keep the kids occupied? How about Grandma and Grandpa? If some family members aren't used to traveling with kids, it can be good to ensure that they are able to spend some time without the kids. Or, can other family members take the kids for a while to give parents a few hours of alone time? 

How Much Room is Needed?

Sharing a family vacation rental will help you spend plenty of time together and save money. But be sure you book a place with plenty of room so that you aren't getting in each other's way. Look for a rental with plenty of bathrooms for your group size and enough private bedrooms to allow couples some time to themselves. Also, consider the layout of the rental to see how easy it will be to prevent noise and play from interrupting family members' privacy.

How Will You Split Expenses?

Before anyone books any vacation rentals, discuss as a group how you will do the practical things like pay for expenses. Is there a deposit required, and who will be responsible for it? Who will split costs and how or when will they be collected? What about the costs of food for the kitchen and shared meals out? Come up with a system that doesn't place too much burden on any one person or couple. 

By thinking about the practicalities of vacationing with your extended family, you will help ensure that everyone has a great time no matter where you go. 

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