Planning A Vacation? Tips For Making Better Meals In Your Hotel Room

When you're planning a long vacation, one of the things that can quickly drain your travel budget is the dining-out costs. In addition, it leaves you facing many days of restaurant meals, take-out and possibly less-than-healthy choices. The good news is that even an extended trip doesn't have to leave you with such limited meal options. here are a few things to consider packing so you can reclaim your menu right from your hotel room.

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is compact enough to be easy to transport, and it fits well on a countertop in a hotel room. While some people think of toaster ovens as just for toasting, you'd be amazed what you can bake in one. Most toaster ovens now feature a temperature control much like a traditional oven, allowing you to use it as you would the oven in your house, just on a smaller scale.

Whether you're looking for a homemade option to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth or you want to bake some chicken or fish for dinner, a toaster oven is a great tool for either option. The best part is that since they do toast as well, you can even have a whole-grain bagel with your morning coffee instead of visiting the pastry bar.

Slow Cooker

If your vacation is going to be a sightseeing trip or will have you spending long days out and about, a slow cooker is a must-bring for homemade meals. You can start cooking dinner in the morning before you head out and come back to a ready-made meal without having to call for delivery or opt for processed, microwaveable foods.

In fact, for a quick and easy dinner, you can buy a package of fresh chicken breast and cook it in some broth with a bit of garlic. Then, add some frozen veggies for the last 15 or 20 minutes after you get home, break up the meat and you've got a fabulous chicken soup. Toast some thick-sliced bread in your toaster oven, and you've got the makings of a fantastic, hearty meal.

In addition to these two convenient and portable appliances, you should also consider optimizing your use of the in-room microwave. Steam-in-the-bag vegetables and potato sides are great additions to any meat course you can cook in either the slow cooker or the toaster oven, and they're easy to store in the small freezer compartment of the in-room fridge. With these choices, eating on the road will be easier than ever. Contact a hotel, such as the Clearwater Lodge, for more information about in-room dining options.