Hosting A Vehicle Party With Style

If you have a child who loves cars and trucks, and you are making preparations for their birthday party, you may want to incorporate some fun vehicle-inspired events into the party schedule. Instead of having a cars and trucks party where the theme is only incorporated into the place settings and wall decor, bring them to life by considering one of the following options.    

Take A Ride Around Town

Hire a few taxis (discover more about them here) to take the children on a fun excursion around town. The cab driver can teach the children the proper way to pick up pedestrians and what types of traffic hazards are prominent though out town. Children might love counting, so ask them to see how much cab fare is charged as they weave throughout the streets. As they are in the vehicle, do a scavenger hunt where the cab driver will drive past certain landmarks that they children need to check off of their list as they see it. 

Get A Mystery Ride

Tell the children they are going to be picked up from their home with their parents to go to the party location. Do not tell them where the party is located to keep the entire event mysterious until they arrive at the destination. Hire limos or cabs to pick up each party guest. The children and their parents will be intrigued as they are whisked away from their home to the party destination.

Enjoy Some Fast Track Fun

Have the party at a go-cart racing track to delight your child and their party guests. Many go-cart tracks will allow you to rent the use of their facility for an hour or two without outside guests using the track at the same time. Have one of the workers explain the rules of the track to the children before they get inside their cars to race. Give out prizes to the top three children that go around the track the most number of times.

Climb Aboard For Fun

Call your local volunteer fire department to see if they would be willing to allow the children to ride on the back of a fire engine in exchange for a monetary donation. The children will enjoy looking down at the town as they ride along the main streets. Another option is to have a hay ride available for the children to enjoy during the party. Have someone with a pickup truck with a trailer hitch hook up a cart to the back. Fill it with hay bales and have the children get into the back for a fun ride.