The Right Way To Approach Getting A Free Hotel Room Upgrade

If you've heard about people who travel and are able to get moved from their standard hotel room to a suite with no extra cost, you're probably intrigued about how to accomplish this goal yourself. The truth is that while anyone can ask for a complimentary room upgrade, you'll greatly improve your chance of enjoying this travel-related perk by adhering to a short list of specific rules. Here's the right way to approach this subject with the hotel desk clerk.

Join The Hotel's Rewards Club

Your mission to get a free room upgrade should begin before you visit the hotel. Go online and sign up for the hotel's rewards club. You'll eventually get a club membership card in the mail, but even if you don't have the card by the time you visit the hotel, you can just carry your membership number as proof of your enrollment. Joining this club gives you access to a long list of benefits, which can include complimentary Wi-Fi, late checkouts, free breakfast and more. It also shows the hotel clerk that you're a loyal customer -- although the more you stay at the hotel chain as a club member, the better it helps your chances, because the clerk will be able to see your accommodation history.

Check In At The Right Time

If you're the type of eager person who enjoys checking in as soon as guest rooms are available -- typically 3 p.m. -- you're likely going to have trouble getting your upgrade. This is because the hotel clerk won't have a full picture of how many rooms will be occupied for the night at this early hour. If you switch your check-in time to the evening, the clerk will have a better idea of the number of rooms that will remain free, given that only so many travellers arrive unannounced at their hotels in the evening.

Bring Up The Subject In The Right Way

Wait to approach the front desk until the lobby is fairly quiet. If your request attracts attention, other hotel guests might ask the same question and overwhelm the clerk with requests. As you provide your name and show your rewards club, ask if it might be possible to be moved to a better room. You don't need to say "for free;" this part of your question is understood. It's important to keep your voice down to help ensure your question is discreet. The hotel clerk will give you a straightforward answer; either your request is possible or it isn't. Either way, be courteous with the staff member.