What Are Your Best Housing Options When Relocating For Temporary Employment?

Whether you've been assigned to a lengthy work-related training in another part of the state (or country) or have accepted a position too far away from home for a daily commute, you may be investigating your short-term housing options. While many urban areas have a plethora of available choices -- from boarding houses to weekly or monthly motel rentals or even secure hostels -- finding adequate and inexpensive housing in more rural areas can be a challenge. Read on to learn more about your short-term housing options, as well as the factors you'll want to consider before committing to temporary housing. 

What short-term housing options may be available to you?

When beginning your housing search, you'll want to start with extended-stay motels or hotels. These tend to cater to business travelers and may offer some amenities you won't be able to find in other locations (like daily breakfast, an on-site gym, or even a miniature "library" with reference books and computer access). These motels usually offer a discounted weekly or monthly rate and are often the most flexible of your housing choices if you're not sure how long you'll be in need of temporary housing.

Another potential option may be a "housing share" or in-home rental. Many homeowners choose to rent out parts of their home for extra income -- and because these rental arrangements are designed for vacationers or other temporary visitors, rather than long-term tenants, they can be ideal for those who are stationed in another city for work purposes. You'll usually be required to pay a small up-front security deposit (which is usually returned to you after your rental term ends) and will then be charged a daily or weekly rental rate.

In areas with a large supply of rental stock and too-few renters, renting your own house or apartment on a month-to-month basis may also be an option. You may pay slightly more than the market rate for this shorter rental period, but you will have the flexibility to leave (without paying lease-break penalties) on the first of each month. 

What factors should you consider when choosing one of these options? 

Choosing the right housing option for you largely depends on the time frame and circumstances of your temporary move. If you have a specific end date in mind and are looking for a brief rental (a term of days or weeks, not months), a motel or housing share may provide you with the low cost and flexibility you need. If you're looking at a longer haul, you might save money using a month-to-month housing rental. 

You'll also want to take confidentiality concerns into account. If you work with highly-sensitive material, you'll want to rent a motel with a room safe so that you can keep this information secure while you're not around. And if you often take confidential phone calls after hours, a housing share or other arrangement that doesn't provide you with much privacy or personal space may not be the best idea. 

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