Easy-Peasy Ways To Cut The Costs Of Your Overnight Accommodations On A Last-Minute Trip

A few extra days off of work, a little extra money in your pocket, and a need to get out of town for a while--sounds like the perfect recipe for a quick weekend trip just to get a break from the ordinary. Last-minute trips can sometimes turn out to be the most memorable trips that you take, but they can also sometimes end up costing you way more than what you intended, especially where unplanned accommodations are concerned. Since you are heading out on a whim, you may not have time for the conventional savings ideas for your accommodations while away, but there are still ways that you can save a little money if you play it smart. 

1. Go ahead and make online or phone reservations if you can. 

Vacations that are planned usually give you the convenience to make hotel reservations well in advance, which usually gives you a chance to save a lot. However, on a last-minute trip, you may be in the car and ready to go before you even have time to think about logging on the computer to make reservations. Even though you are already on your way to a place, you could still save a little by going ahead and making reservations for your room while you are on the way. Get on your phone and make some phone calls or log on to your smart phone and make reservations that way if you can. 

2. Check in with hotels and motels later in the evening and ask about unfilled-room discount. 

Some hotels and motels go the extra mile to fill every room before bedtime because otherwise, those rooms just sit empty and don't make them any money. Therefore, if you find yourself arriving at a destination later in the evening, call up the hotels and motels in the area and ask about unfilled-room discounts. Because you will not be in the room very long and the establishment truly wants no vacancies, they may give you a good deal. 

3. Consider grabbing a room at a motel instead of a hotel. 

In general, hotels are built and designed boasting attractive locations and amenities that are better catered to people looking for a longer-term stay. On the other hand, motels are centered around just providing motorists with a place to sleep for a day or two while they are in the area. Most motels actually don't always have all of the luxury extras that can drive up room rates, like free breakfast or an indoor pool. Therefore, you should definitely check on getting a motel first if you want to save little money. 

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